Kursus & workshop

I offer courses and workshops on a regular basis. You are als very welcome to contact me if you have an idea for a course you would like me to offer either at my facilities or at your own stable. 

Current workshops

For the shorter courses please have a look at current courses. Here you are able to see courses and workshops hosted with other professionals, eg. saddlefitters, veterinarians, trainers or ferriers.

workshop at your stable

I am happy to come to your stable or club and tell you about the anatomy/function of horse and rider. This also including how to look at your own horse and its fitness. 

A workshop can be hosted in cooporation with Pernille Ottesen. Here we will also include how you as a ride influence the horse and how to excercise. 

Individuelle forløb

Jeg tilbyder individuelle forløb i samarbejde med din daglige underviser. 

Efter den indledende samtale, ser jeg dig ride og herefter undersøges og behandles både du og din hest. Forløbet kan strækkes over f.eks. 6 mdr. med løbende opfølgninger og hjemmeøvelser.

Vil du høre mere?

Udfyld formularen og så kontakter jeg dig med mere information om muligheden for at afholde workshop eller et individuelt forløb. Skriv gerne i din besked, hvad du er interesseret i.

Contact me


Help your horse to gain free movement in all joints, achieving better performance and durability regardless of your training level.


Do you want to be a better riderwho gives the horse the best conditions to perform? 


No matter if your dog enjoys himself on the couch or is a high-performance work or competition dog, he should not be in any pain.