treatment of the horse

treatment of the horse

Regardless of your horse is performing at a high level or just used for a hack your horse should not feel pain.

If your horse performs on a daily basis it is an athlete where even a small tension in the tissue or decreased ability to send signals in the nervous system will be of great importance for you to reach your goals.

Optimizing the mobility of the joints

A chiropractic treatment will optimize the mobility of the joints. Every joint in the body of the horse is surrounded by a capsule. This tissue is full of small nervecells that will send signals to the brain and spinalcord with information about the mobility of the joint. If this is not moving how it should these path ways will “fall aslep”. This can lead to strain on other joints, muscles or tendons. 

A chiropractic treatment should be made with a very small and fast movement as specific as possible to the restricted joint. Chiropractic is a handcraft and it takes a long time to learn how to feel the tissue and to have the correct speed of the treatment. Chiropractic is not about a bone being out of place it’s about creating better mobility and capability for the nervous system to send signals.

teamwork about you and your horse

I work with the natural reflexes of the horse, it’s musculature and the facia. I will often instruct you in small exercises you can do to strengthen your horse to make it stronger. If your horse is recovering from an injury I am happy to guide you in an attempt to avoid a fallback or to prevent new injuries.

Treatment alone is not always the best way to help your horse. I look at your horse under the saddle. If I find tension in the saddle area of the horse I will always refer you to a saddlefitter. A full evaluation also includes looking af the hoofs and the general feeding condition.

If your horse is lame or has continuous problems I will always recommend a veterinary examination and that we together make a plan.


Help your horse to gain free movement in all joints, achieving better performance and durability regardless of your training level.


Do you want to be a better riderwho gives the horse the best conditions to perform? 


No matter if your dog enjoys himself on the couch or is a high-performance work or competition dog, he should not be in any pain.

who am I

Marie Bro Harley

Trained human chiropractor from the University of Southern Denmark. As the only human chiropractor in Denmark, I have completed the education as a veterinary certified horse and dog chiropractor from the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic (IAVC) in Germany.

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How is the treatment of an equipage?

The reason why the name is “Equipage Performance” is that I focus on the entire equipage. It does not help to correct the horse if the cause of its problems is found in the rider. Therefore, I observe and diagnose thoroughly before beginning any kind of treatment.

An example of a treatment with me could for instance look like this: 

Kiropraktik af hest

First I see the horse with its equipment. You walk with the horse so I see it move without a rider.

Kiropraktik af hest

Then I see you ride the horse in all three gaits. I'm also recording some video so you can watch it afterwards as we review the results.

Kiropraktik af hest

I will show you how to optimize your seat while being on the horse. 

Kiropraktik af hest

We review the video and talk about the observations I have made. 

Kiropraktik af hest

I correct and address the weaknesses we found in you.

Kiropraktik af hest

You get individually tailored exercises that can help strengthen your weaknesses.

Kiropraktik af hest

I feel the horse all over its body.

Kiropraktik af hest

And treat it if it needs to.

Kiropraktik af hest

After this, the horse must take a few days off.