treatment prices

Chiropractic for horses, dogs and humans

Chiropractic treatment, horse - first visit: Dkk. 1250,- 
Chiropractic treatment, horse - follow up: Dkk. 1000,-

Chiropractic treatment, rider - first visit: Dkk. 600,- 
Chiropractic treatment, rider - follow up: Dkk. 400,-

The equipage
Chiropractic evaluation and treatment of the Equipage including vidioanalysis on your own horse:  Dkk. 2000,-
Chiropractic evaluation/correction of your seat on my horses: Dkk. 2500,-
Chiropractic and fysiotherapist evaluation and treatment of horse and rider including homeexcersises: Dkk. 4000,-

I always recommend that you have a follow up so please contact me for a price on a packed deal specially made for you and your needs.

Driving at
Driving at 3,75 Dkk. pr. km is added when driving more then 20 km from Silkeborg.  

Pernille and I are happy to host special sessions at your stable. If you are a minimum of 3 people we will make a special offer so you can help each other get stronger. We often offer online follow ups to you all as a group.

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Help your horse to gain free movement in all joints, achieving better performance and durability regardless of your training level.


Do you want to be a better riderwho gives the horse the best conditions to perform? 


No matter if your dog enjoys himself on the couch or is a high-performance work or competition dog, he should not be in any pain.