Equipage Performance

Chiropractic of horse and rider

Optimize the things you can

Having a horse takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money, so why not optimize what you do? That way you will save time and in the long run save money because you will avoid paying for unnecessary treatments for both you and your horse and more importantly; you can prevent injuries! 

Equipage Performance

I am a trained human chiropractor from the University of Southern Denmark. As the only human chiropractor in Denmark, I have subsequently trained as a horse and dog chiropractor from International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic (IAVC) in Germany. 

The clients say

"If you want support for horse and rider in consultation with your trainer then these 2 women are the right choice. They have the education in order, know their stuff and promise no miracles. With joint efforts, they help us reach our goals….👍

I believe that equipage performance is aimed at professional / semi-professional athletes and their horses, as well as amateurs who want to show an effort / training so that diagnosis, treatment and guidance lead to success. ”


Andreas H. Künnemann

International showjumper

“We’re super happy to work closely together with Marie Harley. It’s very important for us to keep our horses in the best possible shape, and we believe that a good Physio / Chiropractor is essential. Marie is very professional, with a lot of experience and sees all details. Together with her calm way, she makes a great difference to our horses.”


Severo Jurado López

International dressage rider

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How is the treatment of an equipage?

The reason why the name is “Equipage Performance” is that I focus on the entire equipage. It does not help to correct the horse if the cause of its problems is found in the rider. Therefore, I observe and diagnose thoroughly before beginning any kind of treatment.

An example of a treatment with me could for instance look like this: 

Kiropraktik af hest

First I see the horse with its equipment. You walk with the horse so I see it move without a rider.

Kiropraktik af hest

Then I see you ride the horse in all three gaits. I'm also recording some video so you can watch it afterwards as we review the results.

Kiropraktik af hest

I will show you how to optimize your seat while being on the horse. 

Kiropraktik af hest

We review the video and talk about the observations I have made. 

Kiropraktik af hest

I correct and address the weaknesses we found in you.

Kiropraktik af hest

You get individually tailored exercises that can help strengthen your weaknesses.

Kiropraktik af hest

I feel the horse all over its body.

Kiropraktik af hest

And treat it if it needs to.

Kiropraktik af hest

After this, the horse must take a few days off.

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